Women’s Camp


Women’s Camp Australia

Walker Flat, South Australia

6 to 9 April 2018


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The Character of a Radiant Graceful Woman

This camp gives every woman the opportunity to experience the grace, radiance and nobility of her soul by delving deep into the unique spirit of womanhood and finding her true self.

Our global spiritual leaders are telling us that western women will save the world. Mankind is waiting for women to develop an understanding of who they truly are and channel their co-creative powers to bring about the change we need in this world.

Kundalini yoga and meditation and its wealth of women’s wisdom, offers a vast technology to support women to stand in their power at every stage of life and experience personal transformation.

Step into leadership in every area of your life
Learn to trust your intuition and creativity
Finally silence the voice that says you are not enough
Understand your personal vibration and how to manifest your dreams
Live everyday with grace, power and divinity

Women’s Camp is an opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together and learn the revitalising practice of the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. A once secret technology, it is unlike any other yoga or meditation you have practiced before. Doing is believing.

Both experienced yogi’s and beginners are welcome. It is a time to take a break from the everyday stresses of life, witness your true self and strengthen the bonds of community in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment.

It’s a place to replenish, to return, year after year.

WOMEN’S CAMP Australia supported by KYTANZ

“Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious. Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness. Not only are you consciousness, you are the spirit. Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future, the most bountiful beauty ever God created. Men call it ‘woman’.”
Yogi Bhajan-July 23, 1984