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Foundations of Yoga as Therapy & Trauma Informed Kundalini Yoga for PTSD

March 30 to April 6th, 2017

Atisha Centre, Bendigo VIC

The Yoga Therapy movement in Australia is impressive. We are getting a lot of attention from the international yoga therapy community because of the high standards of trainings and developments we have here.

And now we have the opportunity to really develop Kundalini Yoga Therapy here too.  Dr Shanti Shanti is working tirelessly to roll out her now internationally accredited 1000 hours Yoga Therapy training all over the world.

In 2017 we will be offering 3 different yoga therapy courses here in Australia.

For those of you who wish to begin these studies and be able to work with people on a therapuetic level, we are offering the Foundations: Principles and Practices of Kundalini Yoga training.  This is the first module to complete to then be able to continue your studies and learn skills to working with common illnesses and imbalances.  We are offering a course in March/April in Bendigo and another course in August in Adelaide.

We are also offering a fantastic course, that is Teaching Trauma Sensitive Kundalini Yoga to People with PTSD.  Don’t miss the opportunity in April to learn these important skills.  More and more people around us are effected by trauma and this course gives you tools to have a real impact.

We have extended the early bird rate for the March/April courses to Friday the 16th of December so BOOK IN NOW!!

More info: Randeep Kaur / 0414 898 262