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Community Sponsorship Policy:

In order to support the development and growth of our teachers and our community, we have developed the New KYTANZ Community Event Sponsorship Program.
KYTANZ and it’s community have reached a level of maturity whereby we have a body of teachers ready to take the next step and form specialized teams of Teachers focused in the many areas of Professional Development offered within the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The aim of this Policy is to sponsor Teachers expert in their field who will come to build a Specialized Team of teachers who in turn will become Leaders or Trainers in Australia/New Zealand to serve our community as such.

KYTANZ will support the Training event as “Start-up” with the intention from the Event holder of becoming independent in their funding after the first or second round.


KYTANZ Community Funding Policy

KYTANZ Training /Event/ Start up Funding Policy

KYTANZ Training /Event Sponsorship Application 2016