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What is Naad Yoga?

The word Naad means “the essence of all sound” in Gurumukhi language. The word Yoga means union. The state of union through sound is the goal of Naad Yoga.

In Yogic Cosmology and Science it is said that the whole Universe is made of sound. In Christianity sound it is called The Word. Sikhs call it the Naad. It is what scientists call “Cosmic radiation”—the constantly creative sound left over from the Big Bang. Yogis call it Anahad, the unstruck sound. Whatever one calls it, it is constantly vibrating, creating, and expanding the Universe—infinitely, endlessly. Hence everyone agrees that we live in a continuum sea of sound where beyond all physical phenomena and matter, is the primal creative sound vibration that began the creation.

These sounds we hear (or feel) around us affect our health and vitality. Naad Yoga bases on the experience of how specific sound vibrations through sound baths, mantra, rhythm, and breath affect the body, mind, and spirit, changing the chemicals of the brain and then directly creating a response from the neuro-endocrine systems and immune system.

The human body is designed for Naad Yoga.

The ears are designed to carry the exact pattern and frequency of sound vibration which is funnelled through the outer ear and strikes the eardrum, creating a perfect replica of that vibratory rate and frequency. The whole body can also “listen” through the skin, responding and vibrating as a fine musical instrument to the stimuli from the environmental sound waves.

Excerpts from ‘Understanding the Science of Naad Yoga’ by Mata Mandir Singh and ‘Naad Yoga and the Healing Power of Sound’ The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Training Manual by Yogi Bhajan.

Our community of Teachers have specialized in diverse forms of Naad Yoga utilizing the Gongs, Crystal Bowls and Kirtan as main tools for the sound journeys.