Level 3

 A 1000-day commitment to the process of Realisation through engagement with spiritual community, deep meditation and service. Level Three challenges you to live the life you were meant to live.The Level Three Program is a personal journey to Self-Realisation. In it, we refine our authentic identity as a Teacher and deepen our unique relationship to the Sacred.

The program focuses on the three qualities of a Spiritual Teacher: Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mindand Seva. These qualities are intended to be cultivated and interwoven in all three levels of teacher training. However, it is in Level Three that we experience their integration.  To receive a Level Three certificate, one will need to complete the requirements for each of these three qualities.


Spiritual Maturity: To develop an authentic and fully integrated presence as Teacher, achieved through self-reflection, spiritual lifestyle practices and peer dialogue support.

Meditative Mind: To cultivate and refine one’s meditative mind, as achieved through focused application of specific Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices.

Seva: To deepen an ongoing attitude of Seva, or Selfless Service. To align individual passion, purpose and destiny to build and serve community.

A Level Three Experience. Attendance in three of the four Melas within the 1000-day experience; this includes the Opening/Orientation and Closing/Graduating Melas, as well as a third Mela during the 1000-day experience. You will chose one location and attend the Melas at that location. Melas are held during the summer once a year in Espanola, NM and Europe.


  • Level One Certified
  • Level Two Certified (completion of all five L2 modules)
  • Taught 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga (since the Level 1 graduation)
  • In compliance with the current Code of Ethics & Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and conduct yourself in accordance with the highest professional standards.
  • Option 1: TWO items from Meditation & Personal Practice category
    Option 2: ONE item from Meditation & Personal Practice and ONE item from Community Service.

Meditation and Personal Practice
Completion of:
Long Ek Ong Kars – 40 Days 2 ½ hours before sunrise
Kirtan Kriya – 40 Days 2 ½ hours while wearing white
Master’s Touch – 40 Days 2 ½ hour
Full Aquarian Sadhana – 40 Days
A physical exercise Kriya in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® (60 min+) – 40 Days.
Other 40 Day 2 ½ hour meditation
Personally attended 40 of Yogi Bhajan’s classes or watched 40 Yogi Bhajan videos with consciousness of a student.
Sahej Paath (any language)

Community Service
Engagement in and service to the 3HO community for at least 2 consecutive years in any of the following ways:
Seva Team Leader at Solstice or Yoga Festival
Organized or host local events like White Tantric Yoga
Organized community potlucks, Full Moon Meditations etc.
Organized an Akandh Paath
Participated in communal Seva Projects like Free Kitchens
Publishing newsletters, translating KY/3HO materials
Held a role of responsibility in a national or local 3HO related organization
Other comparable activities.


For more information go to the Kundalini Research Institute website.