KYTANZ Mission, Vision and Values



Our mission is to be a supporting body that guides and assists in the spiritual and professional development of our members and our community. 

Our focus is to build a strong and positive community that will share the teachings given by Yogi Bhajan with integrity and grace. To that effect we aim to spread the news about Kundalini Yoga and share information from all KRI approved teaching teams and Kundalini Yoga Events.

We are actively involved in promoting and sharing Kundalini Yoga teachings with the broader community and we support key events that provide an opportunity for as many people as possible to attend, to be immersed and expand their consciousness through these amazing teachings. 

Only together can our community really unite as one and uplift themselves, their family, friends and wider community to live and breath in a new way, from our heart and souls. In this way we see each and every one of our members as a fundamental unique and cherished part of the whole.


To help people to be happy, healthy and holy.

KYTANZ serves the spiritual and professional growth and unity of all Kundalini Yoga Teachers in Australia and New Zealand as well as serving the wider community, by creating greater awareness and embracing the power of the teachings as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


The Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Australia and New Zealand in all matters is guided by the spirit and teachings of Yogi Bhajan. We consciously work together in the same spirit and values that we teach.

Strive to create a nurturing environment in which each teacher can grow to his or her full potential. Nurture self-guidance and healthy inter-dependence (cooperation and collaboration) of teachers with individuals, organisations and communities in our global family.

Foster free and transparent flow of information, consciously and gracefully, among all individuals and all parts of the organisation.

Recognise and honour wisdom, expertise, and all thoughts and actions grounded in higher consciousness and selfless service.

Encourage and foster sharing, mutual support, collective enrichment, and a trust in abundance.

Maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, accountability, and performance.

When a conflict arises, find resolution that serves the needs of all parties through deep listening and honouring communication.


  • Offer all members the opportunity to be actively involved in the association. Support new teachers with the transition from student to teacher
  • Support events and networking opportunities for teachers in all states
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all teachers
  • Promote all members to the public
  • Provide an active, supportive website that includes members contributions
  • Promote active communication to and between members in all locations


  • Promote the development and growth of the Kundalini Yoga community, and work to assure the integrity and coherence of the whole.
  • Offer events and courses, which the general public can participate in.
  • Provide accessible teacher training programs for students


  • Actively communicate with IKYTA International Office and provide them with contact information for all KRI Certified Teachers in Australia and NZ.
  • Actively communicate with 3HO and Kundalini Yoga Asia for mutual benefit.
  • Facilitate communication from the International level to the individual level.