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KARAM KRIYA – Action in Spiritual Awareness

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UPCOMING TRAINING: 19-20 November with Shiv Charan Singh

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What is Karam Kriya? 

Karam Kriya means “whole-hearted, soulful action which delivers you into the lap of your own destiny”.  Karam Kriya is the name that in 1996 Yogi Bhajan personally gave to Shiv Charan Singh’s development of the teachings of Tantric Numerology.

Karam Kriya is the art of living and communicating in your life to realise your full potential. Utilize everything you have, within and without, because there is nowhere the divine is not. It is about action in spiritual awareness, in all aspects of your everyday life.

Embedded in the lineage, teachings and technology of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga and applying these, it utilises the intuitive, contemplative study of numbers as essential, universal principles to reveal the underlying harmony of creation and the intimate interconnection between self and universe.

Numbers in their absolute integrity and precision can also be used as a diagnostic tool of enormous flexibility and sensitivity, for example in looking at a person through the window of their date of birth. How powerful is intuition when it is informed intuition?

Who is Shiv Charan Singh? 

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Shiv Charan Singh is the founder and director of the Karam Kriya School of Applied Numerology, in London. He is now based in Portugal.  In his youth, Shiv Charan had a number of near-death experiences which gave him an intimate knowledge of living and dying processes which we all seek to understand. As an adolescent he experienced full Kundalini rising – a term to describe profound spiritual awakening. He studied Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma with Yogi Bhajan from his early twenties on.

Through the Karam Kriya school, Shiv Charan teaches Kundalini Yoga teacher training and a 3 year Karam Kriya training focused on communication and relationships.

Shiv Charan is entertaining and both humble and charismatic in the way he speaks. Alongside his other studies he has trained in therapeutic methods and counseling and offers profoundly transformative individual counseling and consultations. He counts among the most outstanding teachers of Kundalini Yoga world-wide and has students on all 5 continents.