Course feedback / Testimonials


Conscious Pregnancy Course
Perth 2013.

“Connection with core self – with the mother within, allows healing on every level.  The process and group meditations were very powerful.  They created transformational shifts in each one of us.” ~ Siri Adi

“I feel like the ripples of doing this course will continue to resonate in me for a long while still.  Being in a community of women, experiencing what woman is, who I am, who we are… I am deeply touched by our dignity.  By the realness, tenderness, rawness and great beauty that is in us all.
Thank you Suraj for being a leader for us.  Your presence helped us face our fears, move deeper, discover more, become more real.
Much more than having gained knowledge, although I did gain that, I gained a stronger sense of myself.  I now feel even more confirmed in my wish to go out and be me.  To laugh, cry, play, create, share, uplift.”  ~ 
Beant Kaur

“The CP course was so much more than I expected it ot be.  I expected to get a lot of practical information on teaching pre and post natal Yoga, which I did.  More than that I was able to connect much more deeply with myself as a woman and as a mother.  Suraj holds the space in a very special way.  She is so wise, so accepting and so intuitive.” ~ Har Simrat Kaur

“The CP course has been such a deep transformational journey of self discovery and healing and understanding of what is Woman and Mother.  A true blessing for my life, my family and I believe all the generations to come through me.” ~ Minna – Teja Kaur

“To be held in a soft space and allow my inner soul, my heart, to open in the presence of others was a gift.  Deep gratitude and Love.”
Sirgun Kaur