Even after years of teaching and practicing having the support of your sangat can be so important to keep up your practice. Here are some ideas to support your journey along the way:

Stay connected – From individual consciousness to group consciousness

  • Come to group sadhana and merge into group consciousness.
  • Lead Sadhana.
  • Participate in your local Kundalini Yoga community or yoga centre in seva.
  • Continue attending Kundalini Yoga classes, whenever you feel you need to be uplifted
  • Stay close to your Kundalini Yoga family (Your friends from Teacher Training.) Become a support for one another, sharing the load and continuing to grow strong for one another
  • Become a member of KYTANZ, and if you wish, email us and let us know about your ideas in how we can serve the Kundalini Yoga community better and then assist us to implement them.
  • Keep learning. Actively participate in Kundalini Yoga workshops from Senior Teachers, nationally and internationally.
  • Discover more in Specialist training ie.Sat Nam Rasayan, Conscious Pregnancy or Karam Kriya
  • Consider diving deeper and enrolling in a Level 2 module. Each module is a key unlocking depths within our soul, to tap into the potential within us.
  • Travel to New Mexico, USA and meet our global family for the Summer Solstice Summer Celebration, at Ram Das Puri near Espanola or travel to Bangkok for Kundalini Yoga Asia Festival in October or to France for the European Yoga Festival in July. If there isn’t a Kundalini Yoga community near you, be the lighthouse and start one. There are also many virtual avenues to stay connected through the internet.
  • Consider our mentoring program or study groups.
  • Facebook – join the 3HO page, Spirit Voyage page and KYTANZ page  to stay updated
  • Subscribe to KRI, IKYTA, KYTANZ, Spirit Voyage, 3HO email newsletters.
  • Join in Spirit Voyage’s Global 40 day sadhana meditation


Adelaide TT Group 2013

Adelaide TT Group 2013

WTY - Sahib & Harsukh

White Tantric Yoga – Sahib & Harsukh

Karta Singh – Sydney

Women's Camp - GuruJivan teaching

Women’s Camp – GuruJivan teaching

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