Conscious Pregnancy


Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Training – The Awakened Woman

TRAINER : Suraj Kaur Khalsa

April 29th – May 8th, 2017

For bookings & information, contact Harjinder,, 0408218443

Event held at the Atisha Centre, Bendigo –

The Awakened Woman – Conscious Pregnancy Training and Teacher Training

This 100 hr Course with Suraj Kaur Khalsa will offer guidance for a woman’s personal transformation, your awareness and awakening to being a woman, to your divine feminine and to being a mother.

Nurturing a soul, even before a mother conceives, and then bringing this high divine energy into the pregnancy and through the first three years of this child’s life, this is the highest gift we can give to the planet and to future generations.

This course is for everyone, partners and husbands are welcome. It is of great benefit for preconception care, pregnancy, mothers, yoga teachers, mid-wives; doula’s, grandmothers and women who want to embrace the mother within.

It prepares a KRI Level One Teacher of Kundalini Yoga to offer a wide variety of pregnancy, mothering and child care classes.

‘One Touch, One Smile from a women can heal the world’ -Yogi Bhajan

About Conscious Pregnancy

Yogi Bhajan left us an extensive array of inspiration and practical yogic tools for a conscious pregnancy. Yogic teachings encourage a woman to care for herself and prepare for motherhood by having a daily practice of meditation, yoga, chanting, and prayer, and keeping herself in peaceful uplifting environments.

“During those months [of pregnancy] she is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, and comfortable, and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her. We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we have never tried to study how to raise our children. Our children are actually raised within those nine months of pregnancy and development. Those are very important days of life of the child.”

~Yogi Bhajan, “The Ancient Art of Self-Healing”

The Vibratory Frequency of the Mother-to-Be

The woman’s vibratory frequency has a tremendous effect on the soul she will attract. The radiance and consciousness of the woman attracts the subtle body of the incarnating soul to be granted the gift of a human life. She has the ability to change her vibratory frequency using yoga, meditation, and prayer.

 “When a mother is pregnant, the kind of soul she can accept depends on her mental attitude. And then there is another beauty that within the realm of your belly, which is your pregnancy, you can totally transform the soul. The soul is pure and has nothing to do, but the subtle body carries the karma of the previous life. A mother can totally purify the subtle body of the new child.”

~Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1976


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