Sat Nam & Welcome!


kundaliniCollageWe are the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Australia & New Zealand. Welcome to our spiritual family, our intention is to truly embody the values of the Age of Aquarius, guided by openness, kindness, transparency and the consciousness that we are all One. 

We are committed to serving our community and it is our prayer that we raise to meet the Legacy we have been given by Yogi Bhajan – The Master of Kundalini Yoga, so that together we can be the “Lighthouse” serving and elevating each other, our community and the world.

Kundalini Yoga Training & Events

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2

21 Stages of Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Festival 2017

Conscious Pregnancy 

Yoga Therapy 

Sat Nam Rasayan Healing

Naad Yogapeople

Children Yoga Teacher Training

Karam Kriya Training

Kundalini Yoga visiting teachers, healers, musicians and much more.

Please visit our Events and Training page for more information.